Why do we love buyer consultations?

Buying real estate is fun and exciting, we get it! Sometimes buyers are anxious to hit the road and start looking at homes right away, and while we love a great tour, we also love meeting our buyers before that point. Continue reading to learn why we love buyer consultations and what to expect from yours.

First off, we like to prepare our buyers for the process. We believe a new buyer consultation sets the tone and gets everyone on the same page before launching into the process. Our goal during the consultation is to get to know our client and educate them about what to expect during the process. Market conditions are constantly changing, and the current condition is something we believe those embarking on the home buying process should be familiar with and undertstand.

Additionally, we like to review financing with our clients and ensure they understand pre-approval and closing costs. If our buyers haven’t gone through the pre-approval process we are happy to refer them to our favorite lender to ensure they know what they can afford, and what homeownership looks like financially. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we love for the buyers to take us through their wants and needs, what they love and hate, locations, and price ranges so we can tailor our search to maximize our time together. The name of the game for our buyer consultations is to form a strategy around the search and ensure we can find you your dream home quickly and have a great time in the process.

Call us today to schedule your buyer consultation (480) 999-2309. We can’t wait to meet you!



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