What Everyone Needs To Know About Creating Curb Appeal ROI {Infographic}

Acting on impulse, our hunches, insight, intuition, are all examples of Rapid Cognition hard at work—shortcuts paved by our brain enabling us to make profound decisions in seconds, choices that would otherwise take years to make using our rational mind (studies show).  Psychologists call it ThinSlicing—a term used to mean taking quick decisions on the basis of limited information. When you’re selling your home, don’t think for a moment that every tiny detail aren’t potential risks to the Buyer’s perception of the value of your home.

This article expands on our last curb appeal article, “4 simple curb appeal mistakes Sellers make when selling.” The following Infographic by Katie Smith, Sensational Color, is packed with tips and information that show you how to make sure your home makes a great first impression and that you get the best return on your investment of time and money when creating curb appeal.

What Everyone Needs To Know About Creating Curb Appeal ROI {Infographic}

Free Infographic Creating Curb Appeal
By Kate Smith of Sensational Color

If you want to get more than asking price, or have a successful transaction at all, it’s essential that you consider how the mind works, and what you can do capitalize on the source – your home’s exterior.

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