-Stacy White

January 4, 2016

My husband and I became interested in a house I had been watching online and contacted Renata to get more information. Unfortunately the house went off the market. A couple months later, Renata contacted us to inform us the house was back on the market. Thank goodness she remembered us! That  got the ball rolling for what I initially expected to be a long, drawn out and miserable experience. But it wasn’t , and this was due in no small part to our realtor. During the whole process, she was available anytime we needed her. She answered all questions and she made sure we knew what was going on and what to expect of the house-purchasing process. What I appreciated most about Renata was that she took the time to go over everything in detail, both in person and via email. Everything was clear with her. Furthermore she made a lot of recommendations (very good ones, too) and kept track of every little thing. She is also networked quite well. She has an impressive list of contacts and she would be able to pull out a name on a whim when necessary. She also managed to get the asking price of the house lowered due to some maintenance that needed to be done on the house. Since purchasing a house wasn’t something my husband and I were familiar with, we were lucky we had Renata to guide and get us through the process. At the end, we got the house that we wanted and now looking back on the whole experience, I cannot imagine doing it without her by our side. We highly recommend her!

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