-Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $275K in Encanto, Phoenix, AZ.

January 4, 2016

Emily and her team are hard working, prompt and professional. She also knows a great deal about the selling and buying process. I ended up having a more challenging sale as the buyer was using a VA loan and I live out of state, selling an older home. Despite a quick offer, there were several  hiccups along the way that came from the VA inspection and appraisal process that I would have dealt with myself, but not living in the area prevented it. Emily and Korinna did a great job communicating and were very helpful in coordinating each resolution. Overall they did a great job, although the closing date was extended due to the VA loan issues, which apparently had a bunch of rule changes just before and during the process. The listing went out quickly, and looked fantastic. My only issue was not being given enough information about the closing cost breakdown and the pain of the VA process during offer/counter- offer period. Part of it is hindsight, but they could have done more to inform me about that – I would have been much more firm in negotiating. Other than that, it was a good experience.

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