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Selling Luxury Real Estate

The difference between listing your luxury real estate and selling your luxury real estate depends on finding the right luxury real estate agent who is a specialist in luxury properties. Triple Threat in Luxury Home Marketing = Marketing strategies when selling luxury real estate need to be creative, effective and elegant all at once.

Our In-House Marketing Team

One of the perks gained when you list with Lux Property Group is our In-House Marketing Team.  This team is  comprised of four Luxury Home Marketing Specialists:

Our Client Concierge, Creative Director, Marketing Designer and Director of Research work together to create the marketing campaign and marketing material unique to your luxury property.  During this time, our Client Concierge is gaining insight from our Buyer Division, so that your marketing campaign is not only outstanding, it’s created with the targeted buyers in mind.

You’ve never seen a luxury home marketing team like this.

What to Expect

The first step in marketing your home to get it sold is pricing it right.  That’s why the Lux Property Group spends time on the front end completing a comparative market analysis, reviewing that information with you, and then, coming up with a competitive price to get your home sold for the most money in the least amount of time.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Buyer Prospects Falling Through. The leading reason that closings fall through is finances. By listing with Lux you will never have to worry about that happening. As members of KW Luxury division, our team has instant access to reports on prospective buyer’s estimated income, net worth, real estate holdings and more.

When we begin marketing your home, prior to placing the home on the MLS, we like to do a little “pre-marketing” to create a sense of urgency. We will also notify all the REALTORS® in this area that we work with, who will quickly tell their homebuyers. It is a powerful way to jump-start the sale of your home!

Private showings and open houses

Expect marketing through social connections, auctions, galleries, benefits and fund raisers. These are all possible marketing approaches that could be appropriate efficient marketing for your luxury home.

Our Marketing specialist to assess your home thoroughly, the amenities, and all of the quantitative variables to come up with something effective and grand that harmonizes with the essence of your home.

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[icon icon=”fa-magic” size=”25″] Staging

Many homeowners don’t know what staging is or how valuable it is when selling a house. We use a professional luxury home stager to maximize the importance of this critical preparation before we open the doors to your home.

[icon icon=”fa-camera” size=”25″] Professional Photos

We ONLY use professionals. Our photographers are experts and chosen selectively through Keller Williams Luxury International Division. Expect captivating high-definition photos of your luxury home. Photos are always professionally edited by photography experts and reviewed by our Marketing Division and sent to you.

[icon icon=”fa-video-camera” size=”25″] Virtual Tour

Our in-house Virtual Design Specialist uses specialty web design to construct a powerful design exclusive to your home’s online marketing campaign. Our professional designer creates exceptional floor plan renderings used to make captivating virtual tours so buyers can see themselves living there. And as always, only professional photographers and videographers are used.

[icon=”fa-search” size=”25″] Sign in Your Yard

Once we’ve agreed on a price and your home is staged and ready to show, we begin our full Marketing Program, starting with our sign in your yard.  We’ve worked hard to create a great reputation in the marketplace, so that our “For Sale” sign in your yard will draw agents and buyers who have seen us, heard of us, and are confident in working with us.

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[icon icon=”fa-desktop” size=”25″] Talking Ads

Many buyers want information immediately.  That’s why we’ll market your property 24 hours a day on our Interactive Voice Response System.  Potential buyers can access a detailed recorded description of your property anytime of the day or night—hassle free.  The system “captures” their number, so we can personally follow up on each inquiry about your property.

[icon icon=”fa-envelope” size=”25″] Email and Internet Advertising

We’ll market your property in full color, 24 hours a day, to buyers around the world on our website.  Buyers can see your home whenever and wherever it is convenient for them.

[icon icon=”fa-print” size=”25″] Property Fliers

Buyers and other agents will know your home is special.  We will design a professional-quality flyer to highlight the key features and benefits of your home, show appealing photos, and get buyers and other agents to want to find out more about your special home.  Please call our Listing Manager when your supply of Property Flyers starts to run low.

[icon icon=”fa-search” size=”25″] MLS

Don’t worry about exposure. With an international MLS, our Lead Listing Specialist posts your home for luxury agents around the world to see. And Lux Property Group is prided in extremely accurate listings. Your property will appear in over 50 locations, internationally, on the web. Through the Multiple Listing Service Your property will be promoted through the local Multiple Listing Service and to over 25,000 REALTORS®.  These REALTORS® and their clients will be able to see full details and professional photos of your home.

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