Change of Pace In Order? You May Just Need to Switch Gears

Car Clubs, Race Car Driving Classes and Other Racing Adventures in Phoenix

2015 Mc Laren P1 GTR - test_car

2015 Mc Laren P1 GTR – test_car

Warming Up the Car has an Entirely Different Meaning Here….

Have you seen Ford Motor’s commercial showing their version of “Speed Dating”? Unsuspecting men go on a blind date with who appears to be somewhat of a “stereotypical” blonde.  After a brief getting-to-know-you meeting at a coffee shop, she asks if he wants to leave. Really?? He gets into the passenger side of her 2015 Mustang GT and she gets behind the wheel. At first she acts as though this manual machine is as foreign to her as the backyard grill is to the “lady of the house.” This gorgeous damsel leaves room for the man to  offer his assistance. “Like this?” She purrs and throws that car into gear taking him for the ride of his life. HOT Damn!!  WooHoo!!

2015 Ford GT

2015 Ford GT

Pretty Lady just happens to be a professional stunt driver. Want to put THAT on your bucket list? Race car driving classes like Bondurant School of High Performance Driving in Chandler can get you there.  Or, if you want to live vicariously through your children or grandchildren, Bondurant can start them at the grass-roots level of Go Karting.   You can watch the little darlings from the bleachers.

Capturing my attention is an Executive Protection/ Anti-kidnapping Course to “avoid potential confrontations or assault” like I see in the movies. How to avoid being rammed, driving in reverse, and counter-terrorist driving tactics is what heightens my senses!

For a lazier day indoors,

Visit the Penske Racing Museum in Phoenix. Breakfast and lunch are served amidst winning trophies on the mezzanine’s Turn 4 Café overlooking the test track and Land Rover off-road course.  To purchase items unique to the museum, The Boutique offers apparel, die cast cars, books, and many items signed by Penske Team drivers.

Need a Lift?……BUCKLE UP!

2015 Aston Martin Vulcan

2015 Aston Martin Vulcan

Octane Raceway in Scottsdale caters to your need for speed. It’s a kind of adventure that actually feels like an adventure. After speeding around their indoor/outdoor 1/3 mile track in one of their European race karts, there’s no way you will leave this place without a smile on your face and adrenaline pumping through your veins. Octane is also a great place to channel your inner competitor. Beginner and experienced racers alike battle for position through the switchbacks, using the straightaways to gain speed and edge in front of their competition. The driver with the best time wins!!

Their fleet of 32 electric Sodi RTX racing karts from Europe house ENGEC engines with 10,000 RPM capability take you to to a top speed of 45 MPH. Its unique design and technological advances, like disc brake system with LED brake lights and optimized light weight chassis, make the Sodi RTX race kart the most advanced of its kind. Whether this is an adventure for yourself, group of friends, your kids, or even a team building event for you and your cohorts, everything you need to fully realize your full racing expectations is here!

 For the rest of you car enthusiasts wanting a Speedway racing adventure, check out the Arizona Speedway in Queen Creek and Central Arizona Speedway in Casa Grande. It’s more fun to indulge yourself in the things you like with others who share the same excitement. East Valley British Car Enthusiasts is a meet up group for car lovers with an interest in British sport and race cars.

Lovers of all cars from all generations who just like to have a good time with good cars find their way to Route 66 All-Gens, “Route 66 All-Generations Car Enthusiasts R.A.C.E,” to continue the awareness and very fond memory

Car Enthusiasts

Car Enthusiasts

and love for Route 66 and all types of vehicles.

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