Why Phoenix Realty Companies Need Adaptable Marketing Operations in 2015

Why MLS inventory search advancements raise the bar
for Phoenix Realtors

Luckily, thick competition in Phoenix’s real estate market promises clients a stockpile of innovative real estate companies all over Phoenix Metro. Phoenix realty companies constantly implement new MLS inventory search outlets that allow you to search homes for sale by zip code, size and features.

Inevitably, constant marketing advancements mean Phoenix Realty companies must have a marketing plan that is both adaptable and customized-by your home’s price and features-to win over you as the Seller and you as Buyer; meaning that before you list your home with an agent, ensure they’re equipped with such a plan. Likewise, such a marketing plan is necessary for them to get the buyers they’re looking for.

Q: How do you know you’re working with a Realtor® who understands the importance of an adaptable marketing plan?

A: An overabundance of Phoenix real estate news and home sales history has is readily available to anyone who’s willing to do a little research.

  • Ask them what it is. Are they going to advertise your home to matching buyers, or are they going to add it to the ARMLS and wait for prospects to find it?
  • They should have at least 40 media outlets to advertise your property on the internet.
  • Also, they need to be mobile adaptive. Now-a-days more people search homes for sale using their mobile devices. If their sources are not adaptive, the buyer won’t be able to view the information on their screen and it two seconds they will back out of it.
  • Remember, Strong Realtors are evolving Realtors.
  • See 10 questions to ask when choosing your Realtor®

Your Realtor should be “balanced” (50/50 buyer/seller)

An aggressive approach to marketing homes has branded Lux Property Group as a balanced buyer/seller real estate team.  A balanced method, such as ours, pledges relentless outreach to agents and buyers, locally and internationally, to diligently match sellers to buyers and vice versa. See how you benefit from 50/50 buyer/seller approach.

Since 2010, Lux Property Group’s in-house marketing team has aimed to be the vanguard of Phoenix Metro’s extremely competitive real estate market. Now, we aim to raise the bar. And we’re not doing it alone.

Marketing Operations Division Expansion 2015

The success of our exclusive methodology has been so effective-to say the least-that our Tempe based real estate team needed to expand. And where there is expansion, you can bet there will be innovation.

Busy upgrading, we have added over 30 new marketing activities to our listings and brought on new staff to focus directly on marketing and reaching out to buyers and agents.” Listing specialist Carlie Goulet

Director of research, Lauren Schroth, is an internationally published journalist and founder of Cuttlefish Content Marketing. Lauren’s function is to analyze marketing trends and research to target market potential buyers. She is the head of content marketing. More on Lauren…

Scheduling specialist and marketing assistant, Sue Flannery, assists with vital components of the campaign expansion. Sue’s purpose is to reduce the reach out time to other buyers and agents. More on Sue…

True, Lux elevated their marketing platform resources by more than 30 percent, but who needs percentages when the proof is in the pudding? On May 6, 2015, Lux sold an expired listing in only six days. Just weeks after another one in three days.

Lux Property Group plans to bring on one more teammate to assist in their international campaign.

View the official press release

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