Mortgage Loan Checklist

The following is a list of items and information your lender will probably need in order to process your loan in a timely fashion.

Residence History:

  • Complete addresses for all residences for the past 2 years
  • Length of time at each residence
  • If Renting – Landlord name, complete address and phone number

Credit Explanations:

  • Bankruptcy Papers (If applicable)
  • Divorce Papers including child support order (If applicable)
  • For VA Loans – Certificate of Eligibility and DD214
  • Letter of Explanation for any derogatory credit

Employment History:

  • Employer(s) name(s) and complete address for the past 2 years
  • Dates of Employment for each job
  • Paystubs covering the most recent thirty (30) day period
  • W-2 Forms for the most recent two (2) years
  • ALL Pages of Most Recent two (2) years Federal Tax WITH Schedules if commission income exceeds 25% of gross income of Self-Employed
  • Explanation for any gaps in employment
  • Documentation to verify any additional income such as child support or pension (ex: Award Letter, Monthly Statement evidencing payment amount and balance, etc.)


  • Name and addresses for all financial institutions
  • Account numbers for all financial accounts
  • ALL Pages of Most Recent Bank and/or Brokerage Account Statements covering the most recent 90 day period
  • Explanation for any NSF’s


  • Name and addresses for all creditors
  • Account numbers for all liabilities
  • Current balances owed
  • Monthly payments and number of payments remaining

Real Estate

  • Complete property addresses for all real estate owned
  • Market Values for all properties
  • Outstanding loan balances
  • Copies of property tax and homeowner’s insurance statements
  • Amount of Homeowner Association Fees for all properties

Personal Property

  • Year, Make and Value for all automobiles owned
  • Value of your furniture and other personal property

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