When are you Ready to Buy a House? The First Steps

Spend years renting & you’ll grow tired of handing over your money with nothing to show but another 30 days. It’s time you consider purchasing a home and begin building on what you’ve earned. First, let’s make sure When You’re Ready to Buy a House, is now. Knowing when you are financially ready depends on many factors and you do need to ensure that you’re prepared on more than one level before jumping into the equity market.

Knowing when you’re ready to buy a house begins with finances

Thinking about hoe to buy your first house?

Don’t start with a mortgage application. Finance plays a huge role in the decision to purchase your first home, but don’t let that scare you. If you are purchasing your first home it’s expected that you will not likely have a few hundred thousand dollars sitting around and will have to find a mortgage of some sort. You should make sure that you are prepared for the application of a mortgage as it will involve a thorough investigation of your past credit history.

The first step will always be pulling your credit yourself. Sometimes there are errors and in the case of oversight, some things that have been taken care of might not show recorded as such. If there are any issues, start taking the necessary steps to correct your credit for buying a house the moment you think that buying a home is in your near future and definitely before you apply for the mortgage loan.  The earlier you start taking these steps to prepare your credit, the better! Once these are taken care of, be sure to get a letter of release that you can show to the mortgage broker or company if necessary.

There is no stronger tool in the home buying process than having all your financing in line before you start shopping. When are you Ready to Buy a House? The Financial SideThis is a great attraction for sellers as they want their homes to sell quickly and without incident or trouble in the money phase, a buyer with ready-to-go financing’s offers will hold greater favor with almost any seller. If you are mindful of these things then when the time comes to make your offer, the whole affair will go much more smoothly and you will be able to dedicate your time to what is important…How to find the home of your dreams!

Now it’s time to find your PERFECT home!

Finding your perfect house depends on it’s features and price. Many real estate platforms flood the internet making viewing homes currently on the market effortless. But not all MLS search platforms are created equal. Here is an example of a platform that lets you select every feature you desire from price, location, bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage, to views and closets, and nearby schools, hiking trails and more; see it here.

More for your money depends on the Realtor®. Understanding that working with a Realtor® who knows your area is just as important as hiring an agent who knows how to negotiate. More often than not, a good agent will get you your home for under asking price. That is why you must also shop for a real estate agent. This quick video will enlighten you to what should look for in a rel estate agent before you hire them.

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You can arrange your finances into a sensible plan and secure a mortgage. And if you can’t then there are people who are willing to help. Just ask us – we’ll help! In the end, this can ultimately be the most rewarding purchase you have ever made or will make.

To discuss your new endeavor towards purchasing your first house, contact us. Our team has constant success matching first time home owners with their first house. We can help you get a mortgage you can afford, and many times one that is more affordable than what you are paying on your lease right now. It’s very exciting to search for houses, and we get a lot of satisfaction making people’s dreams come true.

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