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Helpful Household Cleaning Tips

Helpful Household Cleaning Tips

Flattened Shag Carpeting
Raise flattened spots in your carpeting where heavy furniture has stood by using a steam iron. Hold over the spot and build up a good steam. Then brush up the carpet.
Candle Drippings
For spilled wax on carpet, use a brown paper bag as a blotter and run a hot iron over it, which will absorb the wax.
Sad little Pug Puppy

Sad little Pug Puppy

Dog Stains
Blot up excess moisture with paper towel. Pour club soda on the spot and continue blotting. Lay a towel over the spot and set a heavy object on top in order to absorb all the moisture.
Rug Care
When washing and drying foam-backed throw rugs, never wash in hot water, and use the “air only” dryer setting to dry. Heat will ruin foam.
Crayon Marks on Floors
Use silver polish to remove crayon marks from vinyl tile or linoleum.
Spilled Nail Polish
Allow to almost dry, then peel off of waxed floors or tile.
Tar Spots 
Use paste wax to remove tar from floors. Works on shoes too.
Dusting with nylon stockings

Dusting with nylon stockings

Dusting Floors
Stretch a nylon stocking over the dust mop and discard when used.
Varnished Floors
Use cold tea to clean woodwork and varnished floors.
Spilled Grease
Rub floor with ice cubes to solidify grease. Scrape up excess and wash with soapy water.
Quickie Shine
Put a piece of waxed paper under your dust mop. Dirt will stick to the mop and the wax will shine your floors.

DID YOU KNOW?Pretty Hummingbird

  • Did you know the electric chair was invented by a dentist
  • Did you know a crocodile can’t stick out its tongue
  • Did you know rubber bands last longer when kept refrigerated
  • Did you know women blink twice as much as men
  • Did you know only female mosquitoes bite
  • Did you know household dust is made of dead skin cells
  • Did you know the past tense for the English word ‘dare’ is ‘durst’
  • Did you know hummingbirds can’t walk
  • Did you know wind doesn’t make a sound until it blows against an object
  • Did you know the Taj Mahal in India is made entirely out of marble
  • Did you know Bill Gates began programming computers at the of age 13

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