Your Desert Yard Landscape

Your Desert Yard Landscape – To Turf, or Not To Turf?

Plants are great, but, let’s be honest, if you’re not into a lot of D.I.Y. yard maintenance and you’re like many valley homeowners, you’ve thought about installing synthetic turf where your grass is. Great for many reasons, some obvious, some not so much:

Care and Maintenance

Grass Lawns, at minimum, need to be mowed during the summer months and raked in the fall or winter to remove fallen leaves. In the desert, however, maintaining a healthy and attractive lawn requires more than minimum care. In dry weather (like ours), a lush lawn will require irrigation and periodic fertilization. Sometimes, if fleas, grubs, or other insects make themselves comfortable in your yard, you’ll need to use a form of insecticide.

Synthetic Grass Lawns are much easier to care for than real grass. Artificial turf requires no mowing, fertilizing or irrigation, and does not attract insect pests. When synthetic grass gets dirty, just hose it off. Also, with no mud, dirt and grass to track in, synthetic grass helps keep even the inside of your home clean. You may want to sweep periodically with a broom to lift any flat spots where the synthetic blades have gotten matted or tangled.

Ben Douglas, owner of NuTurf AZ, a full-service landscape company that specializes in synthetic turf, is a turf expert. Douglas has been turning drab, patchy yards all over the valley into brilliant, out-door displays, and highly functional additions to your property – talk about increasing your property’s value!!

Here, Douglas offers some insight to frequently asked “turf or grass” questions:

Does the grass get hot?

“The grass will definitely be hotter than real grass, but unlike pavers or concrete, synthetic turf will not hold the heat only reflect it.”

How much water would I really save by using your grass?

“According to the water management statistics, 75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use!”

How is turf installed?

“The turf is fastened directly to the sub-base with 5-inch non-galvanized nails which rust and corrode over time to insure the turf doesn’t expand and contract. And don’t worry about the nails, they aren’t visible or accessible for kids or animals to pull out. All Turf is custom fir to your area and hand cut to fit perfectly for your yard. The final touch is to power broom the turf to stand the fibers up and complete your personalized NuTurf synthetic turf system”

What about grass or weeds growing underneath the turf?

“After the sub-base has been compacted, we lay a breathable weed fabric to insure weeds and other undesirables don’t grow through.”

How is Synthetic turf around pools?

“It’s great! no more rocks or grass getting into the pool. Since our turf has drainage holes it is not an issue for overflow water from the pool.”

Can you put lawn furniture, and thing of that nature on the turf?

“Definitely! Treat your Nuturf system like you would real grass and take advantage of the fact that the turf will be just as green when you move something off of it as it was when you put it there! for playground purposes, we offer special rubber infill materials that create safer fall zones!”

What about mold or mildew?

“We use non-absorbing materials and the sub-base is designed to soak up and absorb water insuring mold and mildew will not be an issue.”

How is the grass priced and how much does it usually cost?

“All companies are different, but, usually the grass is priced on a per square foot basis by taking the length x width. Our synthetic turf varies in cost depending on style and type of turf desired. Prices range from $5.00-$7.00 for landscape turf and $7.00-$10.00 for putting greens.”

Are there warranties for synthetic grass?

“It is smart to make sure your grass is protected, especially for fading and staining. We warranty our turf for no staining and no fading for 8 years!”

How about some turf examples?

NuTurf Residential Before and After

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NuTurf Putting Greens

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Douglas, and his NuTurf crew, have been installing synthetic turf for nearly a decade here in the Phoenix area. Douglas’ attention to detail and commitment to high-quality work and reasonable pricing makes NuTurf one of the leading synthetic turf companies in the Valley. Have Douglas come to your home and help you make the best choice for your desert yard landscape. Go over ideas with him. He will lend his experience and skilled knowledge helping add value, beauty and efficiency to your property.

About NuTurf: 

Nuturf of Arizona LLC is a family owned and operated business that strives to install the synthetic turf industry’s most advanced and environmentally conscious materials available to you the consumer. Our goal is to create landscape solutions that will not only be cost efficient but also improve the value and functionality of your yard.
Call or Email us for a free in-home estimate and so that we may answer any of your desert yard landscape questions.

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Let us know what you think! Have any desert landscaping questions, or “turf or grass” questions or comments to add? Great! Knowledge is power, and we’d love to hear from you. Helping all valley residents achieve and maintain the best desert yard possible.[contact-form]



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