Welcome to Phoenix, the great capitol of Arizona – population 1.513 million, land area 517 mi², average annual temp. 86.7°

Greater Phoenix is the heart of Arizona and America’s sunniest metropolis. And even though it encompasses over 20 cities and towns, public transportation and looped freeways make getting around the Valley of the Sun is easy. And just like its metropolis, the city of Phoenix itself is genuinely cosmopolitan, where migrating between high and low culture is easy to do. From spring-training baseball and street tacos, to high-destination golf courses and upscale shopping, Phoenix meets the needs of all its inhabitants and visitors. In fact, over the years tourism has become one of Phoenix’s top ten industries.

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Living in Phoenix 

The City of Phoenix has been divided into 15 urban villages, many of which are based upon historically significant neighborhoods and communities. Each village represented by its own planning committee ensures a balance of housing and maintains its unique character and identity. In addition to the urban villages, Phoenix has a variety of commonly referred-to regions and districts, such as Downtown, Midtown, West Phoenix, North Phoenix, South Phoenix, Biltmore, Arcadia, and Sunnyslope.

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Ahwatukee Foothills homes for sale

Ahwatukee Foothills homes for sale








Biltmore area homes for sale

Biltmore Area Homes for Sale

Camelback East home for sale

Camelback East Homes for Sale

Arcadia area homes for sale

Arcadia area homes for sale

Central Phoenix homes for sale 85003

Central Phoenix homes for sale 85003


Midtown Phoenix homes for sale 85012

Midtown Phoenix homes for sale 85012


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The airport is located three miles from a downtown that’s refreshingly compact and walkable, the city’s streets are laid out on a grid, and light rail services downtown and central Phoenix and connects to neighboring Mesa and Tempe.

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