4 Simple Curb Appeal Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling A House

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How Curb Appeal Works is In the Details what buyers want

Don’t miss an opportunity to sell your house! These are the 4 top curb appeal details that Sellers often overlook.

Appeal can attract bad attention just as easily as it can sell your house in a heart-beat when you know who you’re trying to appeal to. To be effective, curb appeal doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate, it has to be insightful.


Go outside and look for these often overlooked details that can instantly turn off home buyers upon setting eyes on your house.

4 exterior insights that buyers look for (and owners overlook)

  1. Blending in. Some of the most profitable companies use human emotions to reel in customers. You can, and should, do this with your home. Colorful plants and flowers, house numbers, pots, swings, for example, may unearth a memory a house buyer had growing up.  See Ideas!
  2. Dirty windows and cluttered gutters. Little fingerprints can glow in the right light. Likewise, debris collected in your gutters is an eyesore for buyers who are inspecting the crevices of your house that those living inside often overlook.
  3. Weathered and tired paint. Buyers always envision themselves, and their family, in a house before they buy. Tired, weak delivery right off the bat will immediately cost you major points. Keep your home looking alive with a new coat of paint every few years.
    Southwest Professional Painting, LLC - before
    Southwest Professional Painting, LLC - After
  4. Uncontrolled lawns and overgrown hedges. Trim, mow, and pull to keep your hedges in check, your lawn looking supple, and to make sure your pathways are free of debris. An obstacle is the last thing you want a buyer to encounter on their way inside.
    Good and Bad curb appeal

To sum it up:

  • Keep in mind the kind of buyers most likely in the market for your home,
  • don’t pass up an opportunity to invoke feeling or emotion,
  • wash everything the sun hits from sunrise to sunset,
  • correct dull paint, replace anything dying, and
  • trim everything, especially near walkways.


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